Tallest Female Ice Hockey Players

Talent is more than enough to succeed in all games, but we can’t deny that height is a definite bonus in certain sports. Manipulating the game is easier with the height. Also a tall sportsperson in any sports is more charismatic and popular.

Here is the list of tallest female ice hockey players:

Lee Stecklein1.83mIce HockeyAmerica
A. J. Mleczko1.8mIce HockeyAmerica
Megan Keller1.8mIce HockeyAmerica
Caroline Ouellette1.8mIce HockeyCanada
Hilary Knight1.8mIce HockeyAmerica
Hayley Wickenheiser1.78mIce HockeyCanada
Molly Engstrom1.75mIce HockeyAmerica
Angela Ruggiero1.75mIce HockeyAmerica
Shannon Szabados1.75mIce HockeyCanada
Jessie Vetter1.74mIce HockeyAmerica
Gigi Marvin1.74mIce HockeyAmerica
Meghan Duggan1.73mIce HockeyAmerica
Julie Chu1.73mIce HockeyAmerica
Megan Bozek1.73mIce HockeyAmerica
Kacey Bellamy1.73mIce HockeyAmerica
Kelly Pannek1.73mIce HockeyAmerica
Karyn Bye-Dietz1.73mIce HockeyAmerica
Krissy Wendell-Pohl1.7mIce HockeyAmerica
Cammi Granato1.7mIce HockeyAmerica
Alex Cavallini1.7mIce HockeyAmerica
Sandra Whyte-Sweeney1.7mIce HockeyAmerica
Alex Carpenter1.7mIce HockeyAmerica
Cassie Campbell1.7mIce HockeyCanada
Harley Irwin1.7mIce HockeyCanada
Marie-Philip Poulin1.69mIce HockeyCanada
Monique Lamoureux1.68mIce HockeyAmerica
Jocelyne Lamoureux1.68mIce HockeyAmerica
Meghan Agosta1.68mIce HockeyCanada
Hannah Brandt1.68mIce HockeyAmerica
Maddie Rooney1.68mIce HockeyAmerica
Nicole Hensley Tara Mounsey1.68mIce HockeyAmerica
Dani Cameranesi1.68mIce HockeyAmerica
Sue Merz1.68mIce HockeyAmerica
Shelley Looney1.65mIce HockeyAmerica
Amanda Kessel1.65mIce HockeyAmerica
Kelli Stack1.65mIce HockeyAmerica
Brianna Decker1.65mIce HockeyAmerica
Jayna hefford1.63mIce HockeyCanada
Caitlin Cahow1.63mIce HockeyAmerica
Jenny Schmidgall-Potter1.63mIce HockeyAmerica
Kerry Weiland1.63mIce HockeyAmerica
Natalie Darwitz1.6mIce HockeyAmerica
Emily Pfalzer1.57mIce HockeyAmerica
Gretchen Ulion1.57mIce HockeyAmerica
Kendall Coyne1.57mIce HockeyAmerica
Erika Lawler1.5mIce HockeyAmerica