Fastest Female Bowler in the Cricket World

Don’t underestimate women this is a well suit quote for women because they are proving everywhere.

Cricket is a team sport. Who is the fastest female cricket bowler in the world. In this post you can find above 120km/h speed bowling by incredible women. They are almost equal to men’s speed and one more thing women sports became very popular now days don’t forget. Woman fastest bowler was recognized as the international and test matches as per their performance.

They are naturally less power compare to men, but the spirit not at all less that’s why they are leading. Cricket is a wonderful game for women, they are sporty warriors. However, as we mention in this post fastest female bowler doesn’t mean other bowler’s not enough to take wickets. Spin bowler also very strong in the game without them can’t reduce runs and wickets. Anyway, let’s check the incredible fastest women’s.

Check out the list of fastest female cricket bowler in the world.

Shabnim Ismail128km/hRight Arm Fast BowlerSouth AfricaCricket
Lea Tahuhu126km/hRight Arm Fast BowlerNew ZealandCricket
Cathryn Fitzpatrick125km/hRight Arm Fast BowlerAustraliaCricket
Tayla Vlaeminck120km/hRight Arm Fast-Medium BowlerAustraliaCricket
Holly Ferling120km/hRight Arm Fast BowlerAustraliaCricket
Jhulan Goswami120km/hRight Arm Fast-Medium BowlerIndiaCricket
Ellyse Perry115km/hRight Arm Fast-Medium BowlerAustraliaCricket